Virtual Bahrain


New Growth Opportunity through Innovation

After a successful launch in 2020, Virtual Bahrain goes international reaching a wider audience across the globe. Virtual Bahrain International will unite different industries for 3 days of creative exchange, networking, and inspiring talks delivered by international experts on topics like eGovernment, Digital Banking & Finance, Internet & Content, Cybersecurity, eCommerce, Business Continuity, and other emerging technologies for 2022.​

Virtual Bahrain 2022 International with the theme “New Growth Opportunities through Innovation” aims to provide attendees with unique opportunities to take advantage of the latest trends, innovations, and solutions in digital transformation. In addition, this event will provide a platform to strengthen relationships and connections to business leaders, the community, and consumers.​

Meet and Connect with Key Influencers

Reach and network with different sectors, strengthening relationships and connection with business leaders, community, and consumers.