Virtual Bahrain

VIRTUAL BAHRAIN 2020 is a 2-day virtual event that focuses on technology, leadership, and change. In our real-time environment of unprovoked disruption,

Virtual Bahrain Online Conference and Exhibition is a 2-day virtual event that focus on technology, leadership, and change.

Virtual Bahrain aims to highlight the #TeamBahrain achievements as we now witness how Bahrain unites, stands strong and emerge steadily after the national challenges we have been facing, this event offers extensive opportunity to provide a network-rich conference and exhibition on how different sectors are coping up with the challenges of today’s “new normal”. 

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, promoting awareness and providing information and advices from our experts is key to organizations to deal with adapting the new normal. The event aims to help lift the country‚Äôs spirit, keep people connected and highlight the continuous contribution of several private and public sectors.

This event aims to continue enabling the ICT to be one of the major sectors in the Kingdom to support the economy and sustainability of government services, through the continues collaboration between the private and public sectors.