Virtual Bahrain


Virtual Conference

The virtual conference brings together professionals, experts, and key leaders from various sectors through technology for 3 days of creative exchange, networking, and inspiring talks delivered by international experts on how technological innovations help various sectors.


Engage and discover high-impact learnings from industry leaders and experts from around the world.


Collaborate and connect with experts, professionals, and key decision-makers.


Understand the adaptation to the demands of digital and technological innovation.

Virtual Bahrain International Conference 2021 will help you understand the impact of change, addressing topics such as: 

The eGovernment of Tomorrow

Reimagining Digital Age Education

Enriching Experiences through Digital Solutions

Oil & Gas: Fueled by Innovation

The New eCommerce Growth Model

Technological Innovation in the Banking Sector

Digital Protection in the Modern World

Internet & Media Influence

Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Business Continuity with Digital Resilience

Building Smarter Cities